Dogs have always been present in our lives. We had a couple of them, from the German shepherd, dachshund, poodle, giant schnauzer, wire-haired dachshund, Yorkshire terrier to the American Staffordshire Terrier.

In 1994 the premiere of the movie "The Mask" with an outstanding comedian Jim Carrey and his resolute dog breed Jack Russell Terrier took place. Since then, we have been dreaming of an engaging pet, similar to Milo from the movie. However, the devil takes a hand in what is done in haste, so not willing to satisfy him, making the dream come true took us eighteen years ...

In December 2012 we happened upon a breeding belonging to Katarzyna Ziemann. Just a few days later we arrived in Rumia to take our first dog of this breed, which was AS-VEGAS Ziemann. The white-and-brown-haired dog, instantly seized our hearts. He was a great companion for walks and plays, and the friend of the whole family. Just a few months later a female dog named GIPSY Ziemann came to live with us. Then it went rapidly.     In February 2014 we welcomed ICONIC PARAGON from Original Master's Voice breeding from France. In October, HEBE-HARGHITA from Thidalium breeding and MADAME TIFFANY from Moya Britaniya born in Russia joined our family. In March 2015, our female GIPSY Ziemann became a mum for the first time. Our first litter was composed of 5 puppies and when all of them already found their way to new owners, we made up our mind for the purchase os the next dog ... in december 2015 precisely after three years from the purchase of our first JRT - BARBADOS  from Kimmy Land joined the ranks of our breeding. Next year, next dog, this time from Netherlands, ROYAL WHIS Of Noecha's Inspiration arrived to us, it is coming from one of the oldest European JRT breeding. In the same year was born the first litter from the ICONIC PARAGON: ADELLE-LOULOU and AMELIE-BONBON, called by us caressingly "twins" which bewitched us to such an extent that both stayed in our breeding.

So by this way, we have 3 dogs and 6 dams breed Jack Russell Terrier. Our troop consists of Jimmy, Mia, Columbia, Hebe, TiffanyBarbados, Adelle, Amelie and Panda. Each of our canine family members came to us intentionally. All dogs have an immaculate pedigree and lively temperament. They are the object of admiration of our family members. In a relatively short time we managed to achieve a lot. Both at national dogshows, as well as on the international arena (more in SHOWS tab).

Our breeding was registered in the Kennel Club in Poland in 2013. We can not boast about a long tradition but I can assure you that there are not many as enthusiastic breeders in the world as we are. Poppy Farm FCI is homeyness, one big canine family. Passion, not a source of income. The dogs take part in our lives, and we provide them the best conditions needed for the development and well-being. Everything to make them happy and healthy.



We are the owners of the only one JRT with the  CHAMPION OF EUROPE  title in Poland.
Jimmy won the title at the European Dog Show in Brno in 2014, beating 162 representatives of the breed.


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